Welcome to Pretty View Stock Farm Ltd., home of Ivan and Phyllis Olynyk.

We specialize in researching, studying and practically applying innovative concepts in livestock production and marketing.

Our goal at Pretty View Stock Farm is to examine new ideas and concepts on a continual basis at our private research farm. We develop and adapt these ideas to a “practical, hands-on way” for Western Canadian conditions.

We are also dealers for Imperial Seed, Northstar Seed and Dow Seeds.
Please browse our site to find out more about our see and services, including our rental of our corn planters.

We have a proven history in the livestock business

In 1980, we established our farm on a 90 acre stubble field. We raised leaf cutter bees and grew alfalfa seed, as well as grains and oilseeds.

Our first group of (commercial) cattle arrived in 1993. A year later, we purchased 35 Red Angus cows from the well-known Six Mile Red Angus Ranch. Having grown up with Black Angus, we couldn’t help ourselves and started a Black Angus herd with cows from Crescent Creek Angus.

In 1998, the major event at Pretty View became our Annual Bull and Female Sale, held the first Sunday of April on the farm.

A major change happened on June 30, 2009 when we sold the farm and cattle, and we moved a few miles down the road where we are located today. Look for the big blue sign on #9 and stop by any time.

The coffee is always on.


Northstar Seed

Northstar Seed is a fast-growing aggressive seed company based in Neepawa, Manitoba. We offer a full line of their forage seed, blends and exclusive varieties at competitive prices. 

Dow Seeds

Dow Seeds is a leading North American company. We offer a full line of their corn seed. We also have exclusive varieties competitively priced and suited to Western Canada.

Imperial Seed

Imperial is a new company that we have taken on. They provide a full line of forage seed and more variety to what is currently available.

We can also provide a full line of cocktail grazing mixes and pasture rejuvenation blends. Call for details.


Grandpa Gus Rodent Control Products

We are dealers for Grandpa Gus, an innovative line of ethical rodent control products.

Ask us how we can keep mice out of your winterized combine, Motorhome or garage.

Ivan's Western Canadian Corn Grazing Book

This hard-copy book will give you the step-by-step instruction you need to:

- Plot out your winter grazing to save work in the winter
- Select a corn variety that actually grows in Western Canada
- Seed with or without a corn planter
- Fence your field so the cows waste nothing
- Rotate the cows through your corn in winter all by yourself, saving time and labour
- Cut your fuel, feed and time costs to save you more money

Imagine never starting your tractor in -30C again.  Contact Ivan today to get your copy...

Corn Planter Rentals

We have two White corn planters for rent. Each is 30 ft - 12 row, on 30 inch spacings.

These machines are capable of planting 100 acres+ per day, and they only require 80 HP plus tractor.

You provide tractor and manpower. We provide delivery, setup, calibration, and pickup of our planters. Call to book



For GPS: Lat – 51.47911, Long – 102.46010

From Canora: Go 11 miles south on the #9 highway. Turn west (right) at the big blue PVSF sign and drive half a mile. We are the log house on the north (right) side of the road.

From Yorkton: Go 19 miles north on the #9 highway. Turn west (left) at the big blue PVSF sign and drive half a mile. We are the log house on the north (right) side of the road.

*Remember: Our turn-off is 1 mile north of Gorlitz and 1 mile south of the #229 junction, smack in the middle. Look for the big blue sign.